How to stay within the budget on your trip

Traveling is an amazing activity, where you can met new cultures and people, taste new food, or simply watch beautiful landscape, in a contrary way of people thoughts it´s very economically possible if you follow this advice we´ll give to you to stay within the budget on your trip.


If you can’t cost a travel to another continent or simple to another country, don’t you worry, we can bet, there’s a nearest destination for you that you can enjoy. But you got to stay with this idea on your mind, be realist, use what you got, you can use a daily limit, it´s an amazing way to respect the budget, have in mind every single moment you have to stay in that limit, and if you know yourself very well, have in mind an emergency jar for those occasions when you forgot that daily limit.


You have to be rigorous, it’s easier for one more to another but it´s logic, if you think twice before spend one single part of your money, you can be sure that your budget will stay as the first day you plain it. You need to have an expenses record, it’s the best way to have in mind how much you already spent and how much you should have, there’s even mobile apps that can really help you with this.


Do not compare yourself with someone else! Any budget it´s the same to another, principally because any trip is the same to another, we know it’s frustrating to watch how other people can afford big luxuries, but you have to remember it’s not what you can do, even if you have the money to pay for it, remember, it’s better to spend five good days to a great simple moment. Each person has their personal needs and chances to have a bigger or smaller budget, accept yours and tie to it!


Now it’s your time to work, but first of it of all, enjoy your trip! You´ll realize you don’t need way too much money to do it, a very cheap trip with your best friends will makes you simple forget that anxious feelings to spend your money, and do you know what? The best thing in life are totally free, just simply met the place you´re traveling, take your time to walk for the streets, talk with people, is there where the adventure hides!

How to plan a trip to Peru

The Republic of Peru has transformed itself into a touristic power in South America by becoming a cultural and gastronomic reference in the hemisphere. To visit Peru you have to be willing to have the adventure of a lifetime and take a few tips into consideration.


It is very likely Peru won’t ask you for a visa, but (as many other countries) their custom agents ask for a return ticket so be prepared to be inquired about it.


When in Peru you have to get ready to eat a variety of local and fusion cuisines from very different price points, so budget accordingly. You will find very cheap food trucks in the streets where you can eat the traditional ceviche, and many Peruvian-Asian restaurants for the most refined foodies. Even when it is very safe to eat outside, remember to never drink tap water while in Peru. What you should taste is local beer and coca tea, but don’t try to bring some back home because you might get in trouble at the airport.


Another thing you must take into account is how popular is becoming Peru as a vacation destination. Plane and train tickets, hotel reservations and some other services get booked fairly quickly during high season from July to September. If you want to have a smooth travel, book ahead the most important accommodations, especially if you plan to visit more than one city.  Historic sites are very far away from Lima, the capital, and flights can get expensive, so it is better to compare prices and make the smartest decision in advance.


Peru’s cities have a special charm, but the most visited sites are in the province. A useful tip is visiting   Machu Picchu before going to Cusco to give some time to your body to adjust to the altitude. You will adapt better to the air and pressure spending a day having fun in Cusco at 11,150 feet above sea level to then visit Machu Picchu at about 7,900 feet above sea level. It is also very recommended to stay a night in the city you want to enjoy to start your visits early in the morning, avoiding long lines of other tourists. Remember to bring your passport to be able to enter Machu Picchu!


One of the most beautiful things about Peru is its people and the diversity you find in the streets. You can stroll at the Pacific bay next to a newly built mall, and then find yourself buying local handicrafts from traditional stands on public squares. The contrasts make Peru an unforgettable experience. Pack light, always carry cash and let yourself immerse in a magical experience during your visit!


Chile, top places to visit

Chosen as the best adventure destination in 2015, Chile hosts from north to south some of the most spectacular landscapes on the planet that you should visit. From its capital, to the desert, passes through the melancholic Patagonia. Chile is a beautiful country that cries out to be explored.


Atacama in flower

Between November and December, a large expanse of flowers turns the most arid area of ​​the planet into a natural rainbow that this year promises to be the most abundant of the last five seasons.


National Park Torres Del Paine.

 The three pinnacles that give name to this reserve are dyed reddish tones with the first lights of the day. The “W” trekking circuit is an impressive route that goes into Torres Del Paine National Park and crosses glaciers, colossal towers and granite and rock horns, lagoons and valleys and allows you to see a unique flora and fauna. The total route covers 76 kilometers and its milestones are the Gray Glacier, the Green Valley and the Torres Del Paine.


Easter Island

  Nestled in the farthest latitudes of the Pacific Ocean, Easter Island is one of the inhabited islands located farthest from any continent. The ahu Tongariki is the largest of the moai groups of the mythical Rapa Nui, is formed by 15 gigantic sculptures and represents the moment of maximum sculptural splendor of the island, with a ceremonial platform of 220 meters in length.


Iquique North of Chile:

 captiva with its beaches of white sands and soft waves, beautiful wooden architectures erected during the time of splendor of the nitrate mines and valuable archaeological museums that show the Chinchorro culture that inhabited the area 5,000 years ago.


Chiloé South of Chile

Archipelago of magical islands and small islets scattered among the waters of the Pacific Ocean, home to a fascinating culture rich in legends and traditions that coexist between rural landscapes, fishing coves and colorful stilt houses that rise above the sea.


Fishing in Aisen

The Patagonian region of Aisén is considered one of the best destinations in the world for sport fishing. This corner of the southernmost Chile is differentiated from the rest of the territory by its leafy and moss-covered forests and abundance of water, with huge lakes, rivers, deep fjords, waterfalls and glaciers. The southern road that leads from Puerto Montt to Villa O’Higgins crosses this entire region for more than a thousand kilometers.