The most beautiful cities of the world

I think that the best way to expend your money is by travelling. Today in college a professor ask us what we would do if we won the lottery. The answers where different for each one, some wanted to buy a yacht, others wanted to buy a big mansion or luxurious cars. A girl on the back of the class rise her hand and told us a story about her aunt.

She said that her aunt work very hard all her life, always going the extra hour and the extra mile. When her aunt become older she realized that she lived in a beautiful house but she was never there to enjoy it. The ones to enjoy it was actually her rug cleaning staff. She had 3 cars, but had never taken on a road trip. She has 3 children and 10 grandchildren, but was always so busy that cannot join them for dinner. On top of that she was getting older, she didn’t feel as strong as before and realized that it was just a matter of time to not be able to do the things she wanted. She realized that she had never truly lived. So she made a decision, from now on she would travel the world, get the most out of every culture and try even the things that scare her. She sell the house and all the cars, she had a party with all the family and bought a ticket plane to the first city available.

On her travel she saw wonderful things. She tasted the most delicious food and also the strangest ones. She meet people from all ages and colors, always pleased to share their culture with her. At first language was an issue, but by bonding with the people she learned to communicate with them. She climbed frozen mountains and had a drink by the sea at sunset. She visit the 5 continents and was happier than ever.

We were all amazed by the story. Sometimes the things we think we want when we are young, at the end are not really fulfilling for us. It’s not about how many possessions we have, is not even about how many kids we raised. It’s all about what make us happy. It’s the experiences we live and the people with whom we share our lives, that give meaning to our own.