How to plan a trip to Peru

The Republic of Peru has transformed itself into a touristic power in South America by becoming a cultural and gastronomic reference in the hemisphere. To visit Peru you have to be willing to have the adventure of a lifetime and take a few tips into consideration.


It is very likely Peru won’t ask you for a visa, but (as many other countries) their custom agents ask for a return ticket so be prepared to be inquired about it.


When in Peru you have to get ready to eat a variety of local and fusion cuisines from very different price points, so budget accordingly. You will find very cheap food trucks in the streets where you can eat the traditional ceviche, and many Peruvian-Asian restaurants for the most refined foodies. Even when it is very safe to eat outside, remember to never drink tap water while in Peru. What you should taste is local beer and coca tea, but don’t try to bring some back home because you might get in trouble at the airport.


Another thing you must take into account is how popular is becoming Peru as a vacation destination. Plane and train tickets, hotel reservations and some other services get booked fairly quickly during high season from July to September. If you want to have a smooth travel, book ahead the most important accommodations, especially if you plan to visit more than one city.  Historic sites are very far away from Lima, the capital, and flights can get expensive, so it is better to compare prices and make the smartest decision in advance.


Peru’s cities have a special charm, but the most visited sites are in the province. A useful tip is visiting   Machu Picchu before going to Cusco to give some time to your body to adjust to the altitude. You will adapt better to the air and pressure spending a day having fun in Cusco at 11,150 feet above sea level to then visit Machu Picchu at about 7,900 feet above sea level. It is also very recommended to stay a night in the city you want to enjoy to start your visits early in the morning, avoiding long lines of other tourists. Remember to bring your passport to be able to enter Machu Picchu!


One of the most beautiful things about Peru is its people and the diversity you find in the streets. You can stroll at the Pacific bay next to a newly built mall, and then find yourself buying local handicrafts from traditional stands on public squares. The contrasts make Peru an unforgettable experience. Pack light, always carry cash and let yourself immerse in a magical experience during your visit!