How to stay within the budget on your trip

Traveling is an amazing activity, where you can met new cultures and people, taste new food, or simply watch beautiful landscape, in a contrary way of people thoughts it´s very economically possible if you follow this advice we´ll give to you to stay within the budget on your trip.


If you can’t cost a travel to another continent or simple to another country, don’t you worry, we can bet, there’s a nearest destination for you that you can enjoy. But you got to stay with this idea on your mind, be realist, use what you got, you can use a daily limit, it´s an amazing way to respect the budget, have in mind every single moment you have to stay in that limit, and if you know yourself very well, have in mind an emergency jar for those occasions when you forgot that daily limit.


You have to be rigorous, it’s easier for one more to another but it´s logic, if you think twice before spend one single part of your money, you can be sure that your budget will stay as the first day you plain it. You need to have an expenses record, it’s the best way to have in mind how much you already spent and how much you should have, there’s even mobile apps that can really help you with this.


Do not compare yourself with someone else! Any budget it´s the same to another, principally because any trip is the same to another, we know it’s frustrating to watch how other people can afford big luxuries, but you have to remember it’s not what you can do, even if you have the money to pay for it, remember, it’s better to spend five good days to a great simple moment. Each person has their personal needs and chances to have a bigger or smaller budget, accept yours and tie to it!


Now it’s your time to work, but first of it of all, enjoy your trip! You´ll realize you don’t need way too much money to do it, a very cheap trip with your best friends will makes you simple forget that anxious feelings to spend your money, and do you know what? The best thing in life are totally free, just simply met the place you´re traveling, take your time to walk for the streets, talk with people, is there where the adventure hides!