Places to visit this summer! 2018

You already know about the magic and amazing sensations that you feel when you travel, when you go either far or near, inside your own country or abroad, the experience of visit other places, learn about their culture and habits, or just to escape from stress and problems for a while, is something unique.


Traveling is awesome and right now summer is coming, bringing to us all kind of promises of freedom and relax while kids are having some free days of vacation. So the question is here, where to go on summer? Well forget all the stress, forget your job for a while, you are enjoying your well deserved vacations, all the companies you need to contact can wait, focus on your dream trip to freedom.


What to visit


This summer 2018 there are many options to enjoy holidays, these are just a few among others:


  • Russia, million of people are excited with this country this year, why? Because the soccer of course, the world cup, is held every four years, and yes, this is the year and the chosen place is Russia, go and join the fever for soccer, just remember, some matches are more demanded than other, it depends of the team playing, so if yours is one of the favorite teams, get your tickets with time enough, some of the most wanted are the teams of: Spain, Brazil, Germany among others.
  • St Bart’s, sometime ago hurricanes Irma and Maria cause a lot of damage there but now about the 60% of villas has reopened, and you will find some new additions you’ll surely love, you also will want to enjoy the luxury of this place with the summer’s low season rates.
  • Azores, this archipelago is a self-governing Portuguese territory, nine stunning island to enjoy, the main island is São Miguel, you can visit the lovely capital city, and perform exciting activities like hiking and water sports.
  • Malawi, this treasure located in Africa is a destination you can’t miss this summer, on these months the safari season will supply you with the most exciting and unique experience, you definitely must visit Majete Wildlife Reserve and Liwonde National Park, where you will be able to see wonderful animals, including cheetahs, the new addition of Liwonde National Park.
  • The Faroe Islands, they are located between the mythical countries of Iceland and Norway, this archipelago has 18 amazing islands full of beauty, with green valleys and waterfalls,you can perform activities like hiking and horseback riding, besides of enjoy many festivals and event held in summer time.
  • Toronto, it is a charming place to visit, and in summer there are many festivals like Toronto Pride, TD Toronto Jazz Festival and Toronto International Film Festival.
  • Paraty, located in Brazil, this lovely city, every summer host the popular Flip Literary Festival, with debates, workshops, music and more